30 Projects from 30 Years: The Woodlands Waterway Square Fountains

July 26, 2017

It is always a privilege to work with development partners that have a grand vision for creating unique public spaces. In 2005, the Woodlands Development Company invited Aquatic Design & Engineering (ADE) to join the team designing the central gathering place for their 28,000-acre master planned community, The Woodlands, outside of Houston, Texas.

Already, The Woodlands had a distinctive flair in the form of a canal that runs through the community; water taxi boats transport guests around the main Town Center and its Waterway Square, which feature shopping, dining, and office space. To make this a true gathering place, the team planned for a large water feature that would engage the multiple levels of the square that lead down to the canal.

The end result was a 180-foot long water wall that features sequenced panels of water falling 12 feet and vertical cascade type jets all illuminated with RBG LED lighting. At each end of the water wall feature is a series of cascading fountains along a stairway that brings the guests from street level down to canal level. The long water wall is capped with an elliptical shaped show fountain with a vast array of sequenced nozzles and lighting all choreographed to music, shooting water as high as 75 feet. This fountain at The Woodlands Waterway Square has served as the backdrop for many community events—from concerts and parades to fireworks displays.

In addition to the main fountain, ADE worked together with a sculptural artist to create a showpiece interactive water feature called “Treasures from Grandma’s Purse.” With a cast bronze, life-size purse permanently affixed to the bench of the feature, the objects from inside a well-prepared grandmother’s bag have tumbled out to decorate the floor of the feature. Children can splash and play around the nozzles, and delight in its treasures such as lollipops, toy cars, dominoes, pennies, crayons and more. The feature includes colored LED lights for warm summer nights when kids want to keep playing long after sunset.

Pairing a truly world-class choreographed show fountain with a whimsical, artistically-designed interactive water feature makes this a favorite project of ours from recent years, and we were proud to be a part of the project team to bring our client’s vision to reality.

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