30 Projects from 30 Years: Hyatt Regency Orlando

May 16, 2017

Our blog series celebrating Aquatic Design & Engineering’s 30th anniversary continues today with a look at a unique hotel property located in the heart of Orlando’s convention and attractions area. The Hyatt Regency Orlando has a rich history in Central Florida, though some visitors may not know that its pools and fountain areas once served another purpose.

Back when the hotel property was first opened in 1986, it was under the hotel brand of the Peabody Hotel Group, the only second property of the historic luxury hotel in Memphis, TN, that dates back to 1869. Aquatic Design & Engineering (ADE) was part of the original design team that created the pool area for the Peabody Orlando, one of the premier properties in the attractions district that sits directly across from the Orange County Convention Center.

From its beginning, The Peabody Orlando continued a very time-honored tradition that the Memphis hotel first started in 1933: the March of the Peabody ducks. The on-site “Duckmaster” would parade the five resident ducks through the lobby to a small fountain for visitors to watch in a daily display of pomp and circumstance. In 2006 when the hotel invested in a major expansion to double the hotel rooms and create very large meeting and convention spaces, the leadership team of the Peabody Hotel Group once again turned to ADE to design all the water features on the property, including a special habitat for the ducks. Near the pool area, our team created a special naturalistic Duck Pond where they could be more at ease and display their regal nature within a multilevel pond equipped with small waterfalls. The Duck pond was also well situated allowing those dining in the interior spaces to admire the Peabody Ducks as well as being adjacent to the new pool area where children (and adults) of all ages could admire the Peabody Ducks during their daily presence.

Aside from the famed ducks and their custom-designed pond, the entryway water features and resort-style pool at the hotel are all one-of-a-kind, having earned a prestigious “Dream Design” Award in 2014 from Aquatics International magazine. The pool encapsulates everything that business travelers and families coming to Orlando could ever want, from a fun-twisting water slide, to a relaxing zero-entry space to a spa and grotto area that is surrounded by impressive rock waterfalls. The hotel also includes private indoor and outdoor pool areas designated for visitors to the spa.

When the hotel property changed hands in 2013 to become the Hyatt Regency Orlando, the ducks left the property, but the luxury water features of the hotel have continued to surpass guests’ expectations ever since.

For more information on the Hyatt Regency Orlando, visit our project page.