30 Projects from 30 Years: Sun-N-Fun Lagoon

May 12, 2017

Continuing our blog series celebrating Aquatic Design & Engineering’s (ADE) 30th anniversary, we’re looking back on an early water park we designed in 2002. Studio director Jonathan “JT” Toavs managed the project in Naples, Florida, that became known as Sun-N-Fun Lagoon Water Park.

A unique aspect of the Sun-N-Fun Lagoon Water Park is that it was entirely funded by the county government. Encompassing four pools, a long lazy river, a splash playground, and five water slides, this park was designed to be much more than a community pool. When ADE started the design in 2002, our studio took into consideration all the desires and hopes the county had for this development with regard to creating a program of aquatic activities that would serve its diverse local population.

There is something for every age at Sun-N-Fun, from babies who wade in the 18 inches of water at the Tadpole Pool, to the kids who splash across the floating lily pads and rope bridge of Turtle Cove’s pool, to the adventure-seekers who ride down the park’s five exciting water slides. The interactive water feature allows everyone to splash through the squirting nozzles, and the quiet Family Falls pool offers a more relaxing swimming experience for adults away from the water slides. Every amenity was designed to cater to all generations, with the prime focus of getting children to engage with the water in a safe and healthy way.

Recently, JT had the opportunity to visit the park a decade after its opening in 2016 while working with the county again on a new park development scheduled to open in 2018. “As I walked the grounds with the operators I was reminded of the project’s history,” recalled JT. “It was great seeing how several forward-thinking design elements we had incorporated into the original design have stood the test of time.”

Our development partners at Collier County have a great vision to help kids learn to swim, be safe around, and have fun with water. Along with JT, we all look forward to many years ahead working with this great client team.


For more about the Sun-N-Fun Lagoon, visit the project page.