Our Mission

Our mission is to be a world-class aquatic firm that sets the standard in providing innovative and timeless design coupled with comprehensive and enduring engineering solutions for our development partners.


Founded in 1987, Aquatic Design & Engineering (ADE) is a world-class professional service firm headquartered in Orlando, Florida with a branch office in Dubai, UAE. ADE is made up of a team of innovative professionals focused on creating timeless aquatic features by utilizing the disciplines of aquatics, chemicals, control wiring & electrical design, as well as mechanical and structural engineering. Working with our development partners, ADE has successfully designed and engineered more than 1,800 projects worldwide and has created memorable projects including water features, choreographed show fountains with music, interactive water features and play areas, water parks, aquariums and aquatic life support systems, golf course aquatics, and five-star resort amenities and pools.

Licensed in more than 25 U.S. states, throughout the Caribbean, China, and Dubai, ADE is recognized as a global leader within the aquatic design community. Our staff has the specialized experience to effectively design, engineer, and navigate the often complex approval processes of local governmental agencies who are responsible for overseeing projects. With a belief that excellent communication and working hand in hand with development partners are key factors in a successful project, ADE has made it a priority to position our representatives on-site and available to clients at all times during both the design and construction processes, in order to ensure that we consistently deliver unparalleled, world-class professional services.


  • We will Act with Integrity.

    We strive to have our actions line up with our words—exceeding expectations whenever possible. We operate with honesty and transparency in dealing with development partners, vendors, and employees. We honor truth and demonstrate ethical behavior in all business practices. We lead by example, and are thoughtful stewards of the financial, material, and human resources with which we have been entrusted.

  • We Will Be Customer Centric.

    We are focused of the needs of our development partners, consistently providing the highest level of service to our development partners. We treat every partner and their employees with the highest respect and are responsive to their needs. We seek to understand their expectations and bring world-class creative solutions that set the standard for the industry in excellence. All issues are resolved timely, fairly, and to the full satisfaction of our partners. We demonstrate an unmatched level of service and technical excellence that results in a fully engaged development partner who looks to ADE for future projects and who eagerly recommends ADE to others they know.

  • We Will Champion Teamwork.

    Our ability to build fully engaged development partners flows from our effectiveness as a team. We recognize that the sum of our intelligence, creativity, and effort is exponentially greater than our individual contributions. We value the diversity of experience, thought and talent each employee brings to the workplace every day. We are committed to offer both encouragement and honest feedback, while sharing our successes and shortfalls. We recognize the inherent dignity in all individuals, and treat others with the highest degree of respect and courtesy. We actively work to become better teammates, to build trust, and give accountability to one another to achieve our mission.

  • We Will Deliver Operational Excellence.

    Our motto is “on time, on budget, every time.” We perform to the highest level of organizational excellence, consistently delivering aquatic design and engineering solutions that are user-friendly and that set the standard for the industry. We establish and exceed individual, team, and corporate goals. We constantly measure performance and quality, and develop, implement, and continually refine our best practices to constantly improve. We are committed to meeting all deadlines and reliably delivering effective results to our development partners.

  • We Will Excel in Innovation.

    Our industry demands innovation. Therefore we are passionate about being on the leading edge of aquatics design and engineering innovation. We intentionally and routinely monitor trends and advancements in technology. We provide regular training for our employees and encourage learning by sharing experiences among company personnel. Employees are encouraged to engage in unfiltered conflict around ideas and to spur each other on to deliver the most innovative and comprehensive solution on every project.