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ADE is Hiring

April 21, 2014

ADE is looking for mechanical engineer to join our talented team here in Orlando, Florida.  Please visit this link to apply:


ADE is Hiring

December 6, 2013

ADE is looking for new team members to join our talented staff in Orlando, Florida. 

We have openings for two jobs.  Please visit these links to apply:


IOA Corporate 5K

April 13, 2012

A team of 10 people from the ADE Staff and Families participated in the IOA Corporate 5K on April 12th 2012.  It was a great team building experience for all of us.  Everyone was able to challenge each other during their training and it all paid off as several team members completed their first ever 5K!  

A big thanks goes out to our entire staff, their families, and their friends who participated.  Their excitement and passion helped make our team standout in this great wellness event. 

You can find out more about the Corporate 5K here

We are looking forward to our entire staff and their families participating next year.

ADE Office Highlight: Artwork

January 14, 2012

In helping to add character to our new office we designed several artwork areas that showcase our previous projects and corporate identity.  Here are a few photos. 

Plaza Office 28

Plaza Office 45

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ADE Office Highlight: Lounge

January 13, 2012

One of the new areas in our office is our lounge.  This area was designed with our team in mind to provide a collaborative work area away from your desk.  We have several areas that include a high bar, a booth with a presentation TV, and of course our single cup coffee machine to brew up your favorite drink. 

Plaza Office 38

Plaza Office 37

Plaza Office 36